Supporting Parents Of Children with Cleft Lip

What does the study involve?

Once you decide to take part in the study and give your written consent, you will be randomly assigned to one of the two groups. One group is called ‘Watch and Discover’. The other group is called ‘Support, Information and Advice’. Each mother will have a 50% chance of participating in one or other of the two groups. Which group you would be put in is generated by a computer (randomised) and neither you nor the research team can choose what it would be. Everyone will receive six home visits (one per week) with a research psychologist.


Irrespective of the group you are in, one of our assessors will also come and see you when your baby is 11 weeks old (just before surgery), when your baby is 9 months old and then again when your baby is 18 months old. These three sessions would involve completing some questionnaires about your baby, you, and how thing have been going since your baby was born. We would also like to film you and your baby during 'every day' play. All visits would be arranged at a time convenient for you and your family; the first two assessment visits would take place in your home (or, if you prefer, another convenient location). When your child is 18 months old, there will be a developmental assessment of your child. This would take place in our research offices at Reading University. One of our team could come and collect you and your child, and bring you home again afterwards. If you decide to make your own way to us, all your travel expenses will be reimbursed.


This means that you will be asked to take part in 9 sessions in total (6 sessions of either Watch & Discover or Support, Information and Advice, and 3 assessments).


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